Cerulean backs founders building the nature-positive economy.

The largest economic opportunity in this century lies in redesigning the economy around zero marginal cost energy, circularity, and nature-positivity. Rewiring the fossil fuel economy is not only necessary—it’s the largest opportunity for economic growth in this century, a new green industrial revolution.

We believe accounting for the global commons via software for natural capital is the biggest investment opportunity of our generation. We’re investing to build the nature- and climate-positive economy, with a focus on climate fintech, blockchain networks and protocols, and digital infrastructure for valuing nature’s ecosystem services, and scaling renewable energy for supply-side decarbonization.

We back founders with a chip on their shoulder, an axe to grind, something to prove, an otherworldly sense of urgency—who won’t back down from the mission to change the economy in its entirety, and who view it as a mission.

We let founders tell us how to be involved. We do not push; we let you pull. Our founders can filter out the noise, and find their way through chaos.

Cerulean is a color made of brilliant combinations of blues and greens—like those weaved throughout the forests and oceans of our planet.

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