Cerulean is investing to build the API for Nature. We invest in open source software companies and networks building the infrastructure necessary to scale climate impact in this decade.

We’re in a climate emergency. This is in part due to the fact that our economy fails to account for one of the greatest inputs in our own flourishing and survival - natural asset inputs from ecosystem services.

Cerulean Ventures is an investment firm that believes natural assets will unlock the next $50 trillion in growth, while incentivizing the regeneration of Earth through new coordination technologies.

We take a deeply hands-on approach informed by our own experience and background as founders, helping our portfolio with everything from the technical (mechanism design, product management, data engineering) to marketing and operational (community engagement, governance, tokenomics design, recruiting).

Cerulean is a color made of brilliant combinations of blues and greens—like those weaved throughout the forests and oceans of our planet. We support projects using coordination technologies and communities to bring the blue and the green together for a better future, and we’re building a BlueGreen Network of other funds, DAOs, service providers, and friends who can help portfolio companies succeed, while regenerating our planet.

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